Online boutique on crazy sale right now!! 50% off everything!

Everything in my online etsy shop is now on sale for 50% off!! Including all previously marked down pieces, they are 50% off the 50% off!!! I have put everything on a mega sale in my etsy shop in honour of Black Friday. So these are officially the lowest prices I have ever offered on anything. This is a liquidation of all my current stock!! I have been putting things on sale like crazy, and for Black Friday, the most [.....]

Triangle shadow earrings, on sale!

A group shot of triangle shadow earrings by Studio METHOD(E)

The last of my triangle shadow earrings on sale on etsy right now! I have been offering these triangle shadow earrings for a few years now. I have a lot left in my inventory at the moment, left over from a big sale that included them. They are a fun smple design that are easy to wear and come in three different sizes. One triangle is coloured and the other, the shadow, is matte black.   As always they are made [.....]

Fringe earrings, the last of the line, on sale right now

fringe stud powdercoated in a earrings in variety of colours

Fringe earrings on super sale online right now! I have been finishing up the production of some of the pieces from my Circus Summer Ombre line that I released in 2013. I have a bunch of these fringe earrings hanging around, and despite them being great sellers and some of my personal favorites to wear, I am liquidating them at half price. I've been making them for a couple of years now and aside from wholesale orders will [.....]