New sparkle geode jewellery!

New sparkle geode jewellery available in my new store and on etsy! I have been working on a new online store and have released my geode sparkle line of earrings, rings and pendants in a small run collection as the first products available.   I made this collection before the Christmas rush at the end of 2014. It was somethign that came about simply, using the same kind of form I have been working with for a [.....]

Contemporary Jewelry Exchange 2014

A look at my process for the Contemporary Jewelry Exchange 2014 A year ago I took part in the Contemporary Jewelry Exchange created by Olga Raben. It is a unique process in which two jewellers are paired together and each send a piece of jewellery to the other. Last year I was paired with Miriam Arentz of Germany. I sent Miriam a brooch which was made based on shapes I pulled from sketches and watercolour paintings I was [.....]

Upcoming events for December 2014, Sales and more!

In the next couple of weeks I am participating in a number of events. On Saturday the 6th I will be at Regart, centre d'artistes en art actuel in Lévis for their Salon d'artisan actuel. The salon goes from 10h-18h. This is the second year I am doing this sale and am looking forward to a relaxed atmosphere in a great location. The facebooke event is here. More information here.   On Sunday December 7th I [.....]