Online boutique on crazy sale right now!! 50% off everything!

Everything in my online etsy shop is now on sale for 50% off!! Including all previously marked down pieces, they are 50% off the 50% off!!!

sparkle earrings group photo 2

I have put everything on a mega sale in my etsy shop in honour of Black Friday. So these are officially the lowest prices I have ever offered on anything. This is a liquidation of all my current stock!! I have been putting things on sale like crazy, and for Black Friday, the most ridiculous shopping day of the entire year, I am joining in the madness and putting everything I have online on sale for 50% off and saying screw profit margins.

fringe stud powdercoated in a earrings in variety of colours

Some of these pieces have never actually been on sale, I can’t make money marking them down at all, I don’t sell them on consignment, but I am right now.

I am actually liquidating my inventory at the moment, this is one of the biggest sales I am having online but I will be offering super low prices at Salon Nouveau Genre in Limoilou on the 6th and 7th of December, and will do one final mega liquidation with the lowest prices I have ever offered in my studio on the the 12th and 13th December. Then I will close up shop for a little bit, and when I re-open Studio METHOD(E) will have gone through a metamorphosis and be an even more beautiful butterfly.

Keep an eye out.

But, until then BUY BUY BUY

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