Acid etching

Workshop: Acid etching



Price: $130 tax and material (copper and steel) included. If you are interested in using silver we have the acids needed available, but will not be providing silver. You are welcome to bring your own.

Special student price: $100 tax and material included.

Acid etching is a process in which images, drawings and words can be etched into the surface of metal using different types of acids, depending on the kind of metal used. We will be addressing two types of etching; photo-etching (the transfer of images onto the surface of metals) and free hand images created using a resist on the surface of the metal.

This workshop is open to artists and artisans of all disciplines and levels of experiance, as well as to all students of art or craft.

To register for this workshop please contact us via email at

The workshop will be available with a minimum of four inscriptions, and a maximum of eight. First come first served!

We will offer a discount of 50% on one space rental at Studio METHOD(E) to all who register.


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