Fringe earrings, the last of the line, on sale right now

Fringe earrings on super sale online right now!

I have been finishing up the production of some of the pieces from my Circus Summer Ombre line that I released in 2013. I have a bunch of these fringe earrings hanging around, and despite them being great sellers and some of my personal favorites to wear, I am liquidating them at half price. I’ve been making them for a couple of years now and aside from wholesale orders will (probably) not be producing them anymore.

Group photo of fringe earrings powdercoated in a variety of bright colours



They are available in a variety of colours, all made from recuperated copper wire that has been cleaned, drawn down to various sizes, formed, soldered, and finally powdercoated. They were originally priced at $40.00, I am selling them for 50% off at $20.00.

dusty pink circle side hoop earrings with turquoise and grey fringe


These side hoop earrings in dusty pink with a slate, emerald and navy fringe are available for sale on etsy here.

neon pink circle post earrings with emerald and light blue fringe


This set of fringe earrings is a neon pink circle stud earring and is available for sale here.

Chrome circle stud earrings with neon orange, red and violet fringe


This pair of stud earrings is powdercoated in a chrome mix powdercoat with a neon orange, red and violet fringe. They are available here.

Chrome hoop earrings with neon pink to grey powdercoated ombre fringe


This pair of earrings has a chrome stud with a grey, dusty pink and neon pink fringe, for sale here.

black circle fringe stud earrings with neon green and grey ombre fringe


This is one of the original colour combinations I created for this line, and stll probably my favorite. The circle stud is hammered flat and matte black. The fringe is in neon green, slate and light grey. They are available to buy here.

black side hoop fringe earrings with powdercoated fringe in gradation colours


These are my most subdued fringe earrings, in tones of black, chrome and grey they are available on etsy here.

fringe stud earrings powder coat in chrome with turquoise ombre fringe


Finally these earrings with a chrome stud have a slate, emrald and navy blue powdercoated fringe and are available on etsy right here!


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