Side Show 2013

The side show line from 2013, a side line of one of a kind pieces that are a sister line to our Circus 2013 production line.

If you are interested in buying or carrying our pieces please contact us.

Certain of our slideshow pieces are available for purchase online.

Large hair necklaces with earrings:

large ombre powder coat necklace with earrings, green

necklace with synthetic hair and powdercoated in ombre colourslarge circle earrings in ombre powder coat, with long synthetic hair

large necklace in neon pink powdercoat with long syntheitc hair

Large ombre necklace powdercoated red to orange with earrings large ombre earrings powdercooated in violet to neon orange with long sythetic hair

large black to grey ombre powdercoated wire necklace with synthetic hair

lare one of a kind necklace pwdercoated in black to grey with synthetic hair  large statement earrings powdercoated in black to grey wit long synthetic hair

Cage brooches with cage earrings:

large ombre brooch and earrings, ivory to black powder coat

large ombre brooch qith purple hair detail, powdercoated in black to ivorylarge ombre earrings with purple fur detail, powder coated in black to ivory


large ombre brooch, made with copper wire and powdercoated from navy to slate

large cage earrings powdercoated in navy to slate ombre large brooch made with copper wire powdercoated in navy, emerald and slate

large ombre brooch and earrings, pink to grey, with chartruse fur

large ombre brooch powdercoated in pink and grey ombre with chartreuse fur detaillarge cage earrings with ombre powdercoat from neon pink to grey with chartreuse fur

The Side Show is a small collection of large one of a kind pieces that are related to our CICUS line. These pieces are made using the same technique but include extra elements. They are often the first of a line and some of the styles from the CIRCUS line are derived from them.

Like the CIRCUS line they are made of recycled copper electric wires which has been stripped, annealed, formed and soldered. the colour is powdercoating. Powdercoating is an industrial process in whcih a charge is run through a piece which is then sprayed with a very fine powder. The powder clings to the piece in an even layer. The piece is then cured in an oven. This creates a durable finish.

For more information about our process please check out the blog piece about it here.  We offer a powdercoating workshop in our studio, if you are interested please contact us, for more information on the workshop go here.

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