Workshop: electroforming


At Studio METHOD(E) 175 3e ave, local 202B, Limoilou, Quebec City

  • October 28th-29th 2012, 10:00-16:00
  • Private workshop: anytime

Price: $150 tax and material included (private: $180)

Special student price: $120 tax and material included (private: $150)

Electroforming is a process in which a conductive object (either a metal object or object covered in conductive paint) is immersed in a special chemical bath along with a sheet of copper. The object and the copper serve as cathode and anode. An electrical charge is passed through them, and the copper particles released into the bath attach themselves to the conductive object, literally growing a metal shell on the outside of the object.

This process allows the creation of lightweight hollow structures, as well as creating natural forms out of metal when using organic pieces.

In this workshop we will provide some carving and sculpting waxes. We will cover the basics of electroforming and will open our studio on Sunday for a day of exploration for those who are interested.

This workshop is open to all artists and artisans as well as all students of art and of craft.

To register please contact us via email at studiomethode@gmail.com.

The workshop will be available with a minimum of four inscriptions, and a maximum of eight. First come first served!

We will offer a discount of 50% on one space rental at Studio METHOD(E) to all who register.