New sparkle geode jewellery!

New sparkle geode jewellery available in my new store and on etsy!

I have been working on a new online store and have released my geode sparkle line of earrings, rings and pendants in a small run collection as the first products available.

sparkle geode necklaces powder coated in pastel colours


I made this collection before the Christmas rush at the end of 2014. It was somethign that came about simply, using the same kind of form I have been working with for a while, but instead of building with flat pieces I made a shape that could contain something. At first I was thinking of filling them with pearls, or with resin and strange objects, but then through some christmas crafts I got kind of obsessed with glitter. I wanted to offer something with a little sparkle for the holidays, and felt like glitter was very appropriate for the season (and for every season, really). These little beauties came out looking like small geodes.

geode earrings with pastel powdercoat and colourful sparkle


These pieces were meant as a starting off points, I keep wanting to move to more 3d work but seem to continue building with flat pieces, I am treating my jewellery like a paper collage a lot of the time. At the moment I don’t feel inspired to continue with them, but maybe one day. I do, however, feel inspired to continue using glitter.


sparkle geode rings with pearls, powdercoated in pastel colours


Please go see them at my store, click here. They are also available in my etsy boutique. If you are interested in these products for wholesale please do not hesitate to contact us!

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