Touch of gold, new powder coat pieces with gold leaf detailing

New pieces with gold leaf detailing available to purchase online at etsy.

I have been adding gold leaf to a lot of pieces recently. I love the touch of colour and the metallic finish that this adds. I really like being able to add a metal touch on top of the powder coat which covers the metal.

boucles d'oreilles avec feuille d'or, bijoux fait à Québec

Gold leaf has been something that is very interesting for me to learn how to work with. I am applying it to rounded forms so i am unable to have a perfectly smooth finish, and I wouldn’t want one either, I really like the texture of the leaf after it is applied.

earrings and rings with gold leaf detailing in black and white

Because it is a surface treatment it is not permament. Like any other surface treatment with a certain amount of wear it will come off. This is particularly true with rings and bracelets. I have been wearing on eo fmy rings with gold leaf detail on it since Christmas though and there is very little wear, so it is not quite as delicate as I had suspected.

powder coat black rings with gold leaf detailing

Gld leaf is light and airy. If you sneeze while working with it you will blow the sheet away. It sticks to fingers and tears very easily so I always move it using a paintbrush (the static makes it cling to the brush so it can be moved and deposited on a piece).

black powder coated necklace with gold leaf detailing and gold plated chain

I am looking forward to using it in a new series I am working on, it adds a nice accent to the pastel colours I am working with.

These pieces are available in my online boutique here.


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