Things I love on etsy, paper doll edition

Beautiful paper dolls made by various artists available on etsy

I sell jewellery on etsy. I know that etsy has become a little like the handmade ebay. There is so much stuff on there, it is hard to wade through when you are searching for something specifically. There are also a lot of very suspicious shops selling the same thing for incredibly cheap prices and shipping from china. Etsy does provide a resource for artists and craftspeople, especially those who are not software programmers.

Also, on etsy there are some amazing things.

I have been really into paper dolls lately. I love the nostalgia, I always loved them when I was younger, especially sets that I could mix the pieces up with. They can be sweet and totally weird. They are the simplest of puppets, but simple is often effective. Here are some that I have my eye on and I want them all.

Sisters goddess articulated paper doll by itzihdo on etsySisters goddess articulated paper doll by itzihdo on etsy

This paper doll is called Sisters Goddess and comes from itzihdo , an artist based in Spain.

Hybrid Hinged Beasts  Articulated Paper Dolls available on etsyHybrid Hinged Beasts  Articulated Paper Dolls available on etsy

These are hybrid beasts from the etsy shop benconservato.

personalized paper dolls available on etsy

I am so into these personalised paper dolls from dubrovskaya, there are also many many beautiful paper dolls that are full of imagination, they are also handpainted.

Mr. Rabbit - Articulated Paper Doll Set available on etsy

This Mr. Rabbit doll is just adorable, from minifanfan.

DIY Paper Puppet - MONKEY, paper doll available on etsyDIY Paper Puppet - BEAR, paper doll available on etsy

I love these animal paper dolls from furzechan, they are sweet and simple with playful colours.

Retro Paper Doll - Blue Jeans Jail House Rock available on etsy

And finally there is this amazing Rhianna and Elvis hybrid, made by tantfrank.


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