Some of the last necklaces…

The last circle necklaces for a while, now available online in my etsy boutique.

I am moving away from my last line and have finally listed the last circle necklaces and stacking earrings I have on hand at the moment on my etsy store. They are not the last ever, but they are the last for now!

circle necklace in ombre gradation powder coat gradation on circle necklace

neon green ombre gradation on circle necklace available online neon green to grey ombre gradation on circle necklace

circle necklace powdercoated in ombre gradation by Studio METHOD(E) circle necklace in neon orange to violet by Studio METHOD(E) on etsy

neon pink to grey gradation on a circle necklace by Studio METHOD(E) powder coat ombre circle necklace available on etsy

All these necklaces are available here. or here.

red orange and pink stacking earrings available on etsy Green navy and emerald stacking earrings by Studio METHOD(E)

pink orange and black stacking earrings by Studio METHOD(E) powdercoated pink, ivory and orange stacking earrings by Sudio METHOD(E)



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