Process- to a new line

The process of a new line of large one of a kind pieces.

With every new Circus line I make I usually start with its sister line, The Sideshow. It is a small series of one of a kind pieces that are more complex and often physically larger than the pieces in my Circus line. They are higher end, and they serve as the source for all of the lower end models. I am currently working on a new line, and for the first time am attacking both the higher end and lower end pieces at the same time. I am trying to be slightly more organized, to start the line with a clear direction as opposed to allowing it to take me where it would like, which is often how I work. Allowing room for change and being open to experiments can be a wonderful way of working, but it is a process that is long and many of the experiments are unsuccessful. Though I believe nothing is wasted, I am trying to find a more stable and efficient balance in the way I design and work through prototypes.

Here are some images of the beginning of a set of two necklaces from The Sideshow. I have been using these forms, which are essentially an evolution of the cage form that I have been using since the beginning of the circus line (please see the 2012 edition and the 2013 edition). The shape itself I found repeatedly in brooches and necklaces from the Victorian era.

process of a large one of a kind necklace

I often will lay our forms and take photos to compare them. I generally will weed them out and then print out the photos in black and white and elaborate their forms, the clasps, etc in my sketchbook. This saves time and lets me work on many variations of one form because I can print of the same picture as many times as I like.

set up of Victorian style cage earrings by Studio METHOD(E)

These are all still in rough shape. I have cut copper sheet and soldered the wires into place. I haven’t done any finishing or cleanup on the metal yet.

testing shapes and forms in the process of new necklaces

the process of finding forms for new necklaces

Often while I am going through this process I create forms, or combinations that will become a piece but not what I had originally intended. I am trying to make large necklaces, but have also found shapes that work well as a brooch or as earrings. This is where I can start pulling simpler designs to create a lower end line and work in multiples.

The start of a Victorian style cage brooch

A Victorian style cage brooch in prgress by Studio METHOD(E)

The process of a new one of a kind series of Victorian style jewellery

Finally I am realizing that I have strong tendancy towards the symmetrical. I am trying to break that habit, to a point. I am also embracing that habit, having decided to make mirror pieces in two colours for this line.

Testing shapes for cage Victorian style cage jewellery by Studio METHOD(E)

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