Powdercoating services

Powdercoating services for small parts offered at Studio METHOD(E)

Studio METHOD(E)’s production lines are all made using a technique called powdercoating. Powdercoating is originally an industrial technique.

An electric charge is passed through a metal piece. A very fine plastic powder is shot on the piece, and covers it in a uniform layer. The piece is then put in an oven to melt and cure the plastic layer on the surface. This creates an opaque and durable colour on the metal.

We offer powdercoating of small batches of pieces to the public.


The maximum size of the piece that we can powdercoat is about 30cm (12 inches) x 15cm (6 inches). If you have any questions please contact us.


The price will vary depending on the size and number of pieces.

The base price is $25.00 per colour. We charge per piece, depending on the size and complexity the price per piece may vary but starts at $0.10 per piece.

Please contact us for a quote.


The colour selection may vary depending on what is in stock and new colours we have coming in. There is also the  option of including additives such as a pearl finish or sparkles.

There are many many colours available, if there is a specific colour you are looking for please contact us and we can discuss ordering it in for you.

Here are the colours that are generally available:


powdercoat chart, available colours

We also mix some of our own colours, which creates a textured effect. Here is a small selection of our pastel range of custom mixed colours:

pastel colour samples for powdercoating, custom mixes


We also have a clear coat available for preserving metal surfaces.


It is possible to come to our studio for a one day workshop in powdercoating. This workshop gives you the chance to learn how to powdercoat, you will be able to use 4-5 different colours throughout the day, and gives you access to the equipment after the workshop. You can see more information on our powdercoating workshop here.

If you follow the workshop you have access to renting a spot in the studio and using the powdercoating equipment. You can see more information on renting here.

For more information, or a quote of prices please get in touch at info@studiomethode.com.