New jewellery for 2013

New line of powdercoated jewellery for 2013

We have taken some time over the fall to breathe and to reflect on new roads to be travelled.

During this time we have developed a new line of pieces, which are ready to roll out for 2013. This is a continuation of our original Circus line. it is an evolution of the forms and designs as well as the technique of powdercoating

Shadow earrings, boucles d'oreilles ombreGreen shadow earrings, boucles d'oreilles ombre

Our shadow earrings are a fun post earring. The black half is a refletion of the coloured, a shadow. These earrings are all one of a kind, the designs never repeat themselves, and are limited edition. They are light, and very easy to wear, the post is surgical steel and hypoallergenic.

ombre powdercoat statement necklace with earringsgreen and grey powdercoat earrings and necklace

statement powdercoat earrings with synthetic hairstatement ombre earrings with synthetic hair, boucles d'oreilles

The large statement necklaces and matching earrings from this line are a reference to Victorian hair jewellery. The shape of most of our jewellery has its origins in Victorian styles. These pieces take it one step further with the integration of synthetic hair in the designs. During Victorian times women would save their hair while combing it, or would use the hair of the deceased to create intricate and beautiful pieces of jewellery. The hair was either woven and formed or, if it wasn’t long enough, would be integrated into a scene or fanned out in a locket or pendant.

My use of hair is not as detailed or extrvagant as the Victorians however, and the hair I use is almost all synthetic (the kind of hair used for extensions or weaves) so it has no reference to a specific person, it is anonymous. A more modern way point of view I guess!

large ombre powdercoated brooch in copper wirelarge ombre brooches in three colour powdercoatcopper wire ombre powdercoat brooch

These large brooches are also inspired by Victorian brooches. The ombre gradation is created, as always, with powdercoating. For the brooches (and the matching earrings) I have used three colour schemes, each incorporating three or four different colours to create the faded look.

ombre cage drop earrings, powdercoat in navy, emerald and slatestatement gradation earrings made with copper wire

ombre teardrop cage earrings in pink and grey powdercoatdetail view of navy to grey ombre earrings


The earrings I created to match the brooches have teaken the traditional teardrop shape and drop earrings format and, incorporating cages again, I have made a 3d version. I wanted to create something with more form and not as flat. This is a feature that I am further developing, I find it interesting after working with pieces that are flat and created almost like drawings for so long.

The earrings use the same colour schemes as the brooches;

earring 1: navy blue, emerald green, slate grey

earring 2: matte black, dark grey, granite grey, ivory

earring 3: neon pink, dusty pink, dark grey, light grey

side hoop circle earrings in ombre powdercoatombre side hoop earrings, boucles d'oreilles ombreshoop earrings, ombre side hoop

These hoop style earrings are a simple and easy to wear design. They use the same ombre colour scheme as the rest of the line, but are more affordable (they are $35) than the large statement earrings. They are still all unique pieces, and are limited edition.

fringe earrings in ombre gradation, boucles d'oreillesGroup image, fringe earrings powdercoated in gradation of coloursfringe earrings, black, grey lime ombre

Finally, these fringe earrings are a fun pair of earrings. They are full of movement and colour. They are a little heavier than most of our earrings but still very comfortable to wear.

All of our earrings have a surgical steel post, which are hypoallergenic. Even if you have allergies to most normal metals (including gold or silver), these posts should not cause any irritation.

Like our 2012 line all of our pieces are made with recycled electric wires. If you would like to see a little more about how they are made, please check out our post on the process of our pieces.

There are mor epieces coming! I will be updating more regularly with new pieces throughout the next couple of weeks! All of these pieces are available online, and a selection will be available in all of our boutiques in the coming month.


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