New geometric jewellery!

A new line of geometric jewellery in pastel colours ready for the summer.

I have been working on some new pieces in simple modern colours for the summer. They are in a minimalist style and use freehand geometric forms.

pastel sewn necklaces, group photo, photo 1


I made a small series of necklaces that I feel will lead to the next projects. I used only cold connections, so no solder anywhere. The cord slips through a tube cut out of the back of the pendant. The clasp is a loop of thread around a powdercoated piece of copper. The cord is simple embroidery floss. I was inspired by the hair wraps we used to do when we were kids. I really wanted to make something playful and kind of silly that does not take itself seriously. I find myself more and more annoyed by the obsession with ‘noble’ materials and ways of making and am trying to stop thinking about all of those hang ups all together. I am just doing what seems right without overanalysing the process. In the end I feel like I have come up with an interesting production piece that is a joy to make.

geometric pastel drop earrings, group photo 2

I made these simple drop earrings on a whim one day. They are light, and very easy to wear. The shape came simply from reversing the traditional drop earring. The geometric forms were cut freehand and matched up at the end. These were again an exercise in letting go, I barely considered anything in this design while I was making them. I had a spark of an idea and ran with it, though this is often a disastrous way to work I feel like this result isn’t too bad. I like them enough to offer them online as well as wholesale.

dome pearl earrings, group,photo 1

I have limited myself to a strict set of colours; black, white, and four pastel colours, purple, pink, green and blue. I have included gold accents as well. I made a small run of these simple little studs before Christmas in black and white and sold out of them before I could even offer them online. This time I made two of each of my colours, one slightly larger than the other. The interior of the dome is gold leafed. The colour is very subtle and the focus is on the pearl. They are an elegant earring that is still playful and fun to wear.

black and gold circle drop earrings, photo 1

These hook drop earrings are my favorite new pair to wear. I like the shape of the hook and am happy with the way they hang and feel. They are also available in white. They are built organically, all in black or all in white, then the hoops are switched out for accent colours of approximately the same size. Other hoops are chosen and gold leafed.

I have several more styles that will soon be available and I am very excited to share them! This is all part of a series called imaginary landscapes and includes a series of drawings and watercolour paintings. I have no idea when I will be able to release everything together, but I am working on getting the jewellery pieces out as soon as possible!

I am also working on an online shop directly on this website. In the meantime, many of my pieces from previous lines are available on etsy here.











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