Cleaning out the studio, one of a kind statement pieces at reduced prices!

We have many one of a kind statement pieces that were part of our first lines on sale right now at reduced prices.

Brooch available here

Earrings available here

These pieces include three statement brooch and earrings sets based on classic Victorian styles. They are all powder coated in three colour ombre gradations.

Blue brooch available here

Pink brooch available here

All the brooches were originally $300 and are now one third of the price at $100. The earrings are marked down even further, they were originally $250 a pair and are now at the super low price of $50.

These statement pieces are near and dear to my heart, but sometimes it is time to move on a find a new home. It would be amazing to find someone who loves them as much as I do to be their new owner!

Necklace available here

Earrings available here

This series of statement necklaces and earrings was made as part of the same series as the brooches, Inspired by Victorian jewellery styles, they are large bib necklaces in three colour powder coated ombre fades.

Necklace available here

These statement pieces all feature synthetic hair that is a modern take on Victorian hair jewellery, a style of jewellery made by Victorian ladies using their own hair, or as a memento using the hair of the deceased.

Necklace available here

The necklaces are all available for a super low price at $187.50. The earrings are even further reduced, available for only $75.

The last piece that is available online is one of the very first necklaces we made when Studio METHOD(E) started. It was originally made as a statement piece for an exhibition, but it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

Necklace available here

This piece is powder coated in matte black and grey, and is available for $150. It was originally priced at $500. This is is the only piece left from that series, but is by far the nicest and the best to wear in the whole group. It was made with an original painting as a background, which is also available for sale.

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