Circus 2011, 2012

Our first Circus collection from 2011 and 2012

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Cage rings:

cage ring powdercoated in violet by Studio METHOD(E)wire cage ring in turquoise powdercoatcage ring in wire in pink powdercoat

three level wire ring in grey powdercoatmodern wire cage ring powdercoated in whitecage ring powdercoated in matte black

Jumpring rings:

circle jumpring rings powdercoated in a variety of colours

Stacking bubble rings:

simple stacking bubble rings powdercoated in black, orange and yellowstacking bubble rings in pink, red and orange powdercoatsimple stacking bubble rings in grey black and turquoise

Simple drop earrings:

victorian style drop earrings powdercoated in a variety of colours

Drop earrings:

Powdercoat red orange and yellow drop stud earringsdrop stud earrings made of copper wire in greywire drop earrings powdercoated in yellow, violet and orange

long drop earrings in pink, orange and violet powdercoatwite long drop earrings with steel studssteel post red victorian style drop earrings

Chain post earrings:

post stud earrings with gunmetal chain matte black powderocated stud earrings with black chain blue and slate post earrings with gunmetal chain

Large post earrings:

Stud post circle earrings powdercoated in a variety of colours


Teardrop stacking earrings:

stacking post earrings in green and violetVictorian style stacking earrings in red and pinksimple post stacking earrings in orange and violet

Dome post earrings:

CFEDS group, photo 1

Round stacking earrings:

Circle stacking earrings in black and red round circle stacking earrings in emerald and ivory powdercoatcircle stacking earrings in white and grey powdercoat

Medium post earrings:

simple circle post earrings powdercoated in a variety of colours

Stacking earrings:

circle stacking earrings with orange, violet and yellow hoopsteardrop shaped stacking earringstear drop stacking stud earrings

Small post earrings:

small stud earrings with steel post powdercoated in a variety of colours

Circle post earrings:

simple circle post earrings


circle black necklace with black chain circle pendant in black with grey dome with black chainTriangle flag necklace in brown, ivory and grey

raspberry red pendant with black chain fringe gloss black powdercoat necklace with black chain fringegrey pendant with black chain fringe

Our original Circus line was made in 2011 and continued into 2012 with new pièces and colours, as well as adaptations on our original models. Every piece of this line is unique, no two are exactly the same. The forms are very loosely based on Victorian jewellery which has been taken down to its bare bones and uses repetition of simple forms to create colourful and easy to wear pieces.

These pieces are made from recycled electrical wire which has been stripped, annealed, formed and soldered. the colour is powdercoating. Powdercoating is an industrial process in which a charge is run through a piece which is then sprayed with a very fine powder. The powder clings to the piece in an even layer. The piece is then cured in an oven. This creates a durable plastic layer on the surface of the piece.

For more information about our process please check out the blog piece about it here.  We offer a powdercoating workshop in our studio, if you are interested please contact us, for more information on the workshop go here.


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